Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Day!!! Blumz.. or Bust... How to Avoid the 1-800 RIPOFF

How many time have you been sitting at the your computer , at work or home, late in the afternoon or evening, and realized that you need to order flowers for a special person, occasion, or purpose?? It seems so easy just to "google" flowers, find a "1-800", "FlowerPro" or "SameTime" florist, call the 24hr Service or web-order the flowers and forget about it... But did you know when you do that, all you are doing is paying someone else to turn around, and place your order with a REAL florist and then charge you for doing it!!!!!

This is a prime example of why it is so important to develop a relationship with a good LOCAL florist and do your ordering through them. As a professional florist with a real "brick and mortar" flower shop, Blumz... by JRDesigns, we get the less than pleasant experience of dealing with clients that have ordered through an "order taker" and then they feel like the didn't get their full moneys worth. And that is true! The "order taker" charges you a fee for handling your order, but they don't fill the actual order. They don't even touch the flowers. They are simply a room full of "phone operators" waiting to take your order but with no intent of actually filling the order themselves. Once the order is taken and your card charged, it is then relayed to another business that must fill it for the value of the item sold. The Receiving Florist must do this, all the while only being paid a percentage (usually only 70-75 % of the total) of the actual amount charged. Then the "order taker" also charges the customer a handling fee for providing this "service" as well as a delivery fee.

The best way to order flowers, is by dealing with a reputable local florist that you know and trust. That way if there are any challenges with the order, the way in which it was handled or filled, you have someone that you can go to. Because they know you and value your business, they will take care of your order better than this anonymous company that has no relationship with you. If you must call a shop that you are unfamiliar with, ask them if they are an actual florist that has its own design staff and will be filling and delivering the order. Find out if they have a website that you can go look at to get familiar with their work. You can also go through www.flowershopnetwork.com or www.localflowershop.com to find a truly LOCAL florist. While on line check out for reviews for the florist in question, too... see what others are saying about the business.

So find a reputable local florist. One that has their own website, too, so that you can still order with them, even after hours and know that the order will be handled with the greatest of care. Get to know them, and support their business. Place the order with them and then let the PROFESSIONAL do what they do best!.

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